Original Music

Contains music from past and ongoing projects, including songs with lyrics and instrumental pieces

Character Themes (Vtubers and Games)

Contains character themes for virtual youtubers (vtubers) and video game characters.

Covers and Rearrangements

Covers including faithful recreations and re-arrangements.


Mixing and mastering. Also tuning and timing for some projects.

Individual Projects

Czar: Decision
Role: Main composer

Insurgence – Second Assault
Role: Main composer

Philia Demonia (Virtual Youtuber)
Role: Background music

Twilight Memoria
Role: Music

Insurgence – Chains of Renegade –
Role: Additional music (non-exclusive)


Reaper of Immortals
Role: Additional music (non-exclusive)

Adélie Run
Role: Music and sound design

Shido Strife
Barrier | Warm Days | Reverse Memories
Role: guitarist, composing, mixing, mastering

L’aurentsia – Kiss for Ours
Role: Guitarist, arrangement, mixing, mastering

koki roadnoise

Road Noise – Public Words
Role: Mastering