Original Composition & Arrangement

Original Song

from $500

♦ Original song with lyrics in English, Japanese, or Indonesian
♦ 3-5 minutes
♦ Exclusive license
♦ Any style
♦ Includes mixing for 2 singers
♦ Negotiable terms

Indie appreciation rate!
Buyout: from $1600 $800 per song
Licensing: from $1000 $500 per song

Original Music

from $120

♦ Original instrumental music
♦ For BGMs, jingles, etc.
♦ Exclusive license
♦ Any style
♦ Negotiable terms

Indie appreciation rate!
Buyout: from $480 $240 per minute*
Licensing: from $240 $120 per minute*


from $75

♦ Arrangement of your own song/cover song
♦ Changing the style/genre to a new one
♦ Exclusive license
♦ Any style
♦ Negotiable terms

Indie appreciation rate!
Buyout: from $150 $75 per minute


  • Indie appreciation rates are only for small indie game developers/filmmakers/content creators/artists.
  • We offer two default schemes for original composition:
    1. Buyout: You get the rights to use the music/song in any way you like (credit is required).
    2. Licensing: You get an exclusive permission to use the music within your games/films/videos (credit is required). We retain the rights to release the music on its own. If you plan to release an OST (as CD or DLC, for example), we can discuss a revenue share.
    3. It is possible to negotiate terms outside of these two, i.e., no credits, revenue share, etc. Please contact us for your custom pricing.
  • There is no licensing option for our arrangement service because the music does not belong to us.
  • In case of cover songs, we do NOT handle permissions with the original composer/artist. Please take care of it yourself. We are not responsible for copyright strikes, takedown requests, or any consequences of your use of the song.

Delivery and Payment:

  • Turnaround time for Original Composition and Rearrangement packages will be 7-10 days excluding revisions.
  • The flow is as follow:
    1. 50% down-payment is required before we start working
    2. We will send a sketch version (watermarked, low-quality MP3 files)
    3. Revisions (up to 1 major revision and unlimited minor revisions)
    4. After the sketch is approved, we will start working on the actual production
    5. Revisions (unlimited minor revisions)
    6. 50% remaining payment after all revisions are done
    7. Final delivery (non-watermarked, high-quality WAV, MP3, and any other file formats you need)


  • The rates shown are minimum prices for simple to standard pieces. More complex requests/styles will cost higher.
  • 1 major revision (changing the main melodies/harmonies) is possible during the sketching phase. It is not possible to make major revisions after the piece entered production phase.