Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We provide a wide-range of audio services. We provide creative services such as music and sound effects creations and music production, and technical services such as audio editing, mixing, and mastering.

We also provide pre-made audio assets in the shop.

What can I do with the products I bought in the shop?

TL;DR: you can use the files as long as you don’t make competing products. Games, films, videos are ok. Music albums are not.

1. You are allowed to use the audio files in derivative works, such as video games or films, for personal or commercial use. Credit is required in the form of mentioning my name (Naufal Shidqi Rabbani), the company’s name (Green Tabby Audio), or link to this website (

2. You are not allowed to redistribute the audio files, either in the original or modified form, by themselves without being synchronised to a visual.

3. If you want to release soundtrack CD or DLC, remixes, assets compilations, or any other non-synchronised products, please contact us first and ask for our permission. We’ll generally allow it with some extra terms, just contact us first.

Do you do implementations?

Depending on the complexity of the project, yes. However, keep in mind that I am a composer/sound designer, not an audio programmer. While I am somewhat familiar with Unity, WWise, and FMOD and striving to help you as best as I can, I might not be able to provide complex implementation with a lot of scriptings.

I am an Indie filmmaker/game developer with limited budget. Can you give a discount?

Absolutely. I know the struggle of working with limited budget. Just contact me with your situations and we can talk on discounted rates. It is also possible to negotiate the terms of use of my works, whether it’ll be buyout or usage license, single release or multiple release, upfront payment or profit-sharing (or a combination of both), to ensure you get the most fitting service for your needs and budget.